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  1. I suppose I could make a video but there's nothing more to ilustrate than what I described in the OP. What do you guys use for free screen capture
  2. Tried it earlier this morning. It doesn't even go into slow-mo for me; just freezes intermittently with the 30-second clock still running. I don't even get to see the d*** cards flip over for me to see lol Back to the drawing board I guess. Have you tried deducing the DWord values for the different slot symbols?
  3. Woah that sounds like an awesome idea for getting 9+ hands correct under the time limit! What do you mean it doesn't work though Don't tell me WSOP crashes if you run Speedhack during Daily Blitz??
  4. Jackpot Poker by Pokerstars has over a dozen slots games where you can bet/win chips. Here's my problem: I followed this Unrandomizer tutorial by @Enyby and everything looks good ― I get the green box in Row#1 under the App column when the Unrandomizer loads and have tried all kinds of different values in QWord (starting with 8) and Double but nothing seems to influence the slots. I've also tried restarting the game without protection and hiding GG from the game. Still no luck. Everything looks to be set up correctly and loads up just like Enyby''s tutorial shows, so I can't understand why it doesn't work lol. Would really appreciate some help on this!
  5. Yeah I've tried changing the DWord values for Friend Gift Chips, Golden Card Bonuses and Club Rank Maintenance/Level Ups too. Nothing seems to work. Even tried changing the chip costs for bling to negative values, but going down to even -1 instead raises the cost into the billions Was really hoping somebody on these boards had come up with some indirect money/chip method I hadn't dreamed up yet lol
  6. Anyone? I'm sure I'm not the only one looking to find a working money method for this game. Perhaps an unrandomizer exploit for the slots games? I'm trying but not having any luck myself
  7. Hey all; I signed up specifically to put a PayPal bounty on one game in particular (lol) but I've done my fair share of successful GG exploits -- games like Tetris Blitz, Poker World etc. Will definitely help around the boards if I know something another member doesn't!
  8. The WSOP app has been mentioned on these boards a couple times before with no responses/interest. I'm aware casino games are complicated to exploit with GG as all purchases are kept server side rather than client side If someone could take a few minutes to fine-tooth comb this app and find a way to mod player money values (however directly or indirectly) I'll be happy to pay $20 via PayPal or whichever major cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH etc) you'd prefer EDIT: You can contact me here via DM, email itskibbin@gmail.com or find me on Skype via that email address. Thanks!
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