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  1. Root or not, if the script is expired or not updated then it won't work either. Trust me. If the game is updating very often then you must go with the flow too. It means you must update your script too.
  2. There's a lot of updated scripts about MH and drone view. Use the search engine like google etc. If you can't find any here then i already told you the options. I do have a script but its not mine either. I dont know if it's okay to post here and if its okay i should ask the owner first for approval.
  3. Your phone is not rooted then you must be using a virtual (Parallel, Dual Space, etc) Mobile Legends Updates frequently this month due to security reasons and for the map hackers to be detected. Be wary that MLBB doesn't support virtual now and when they detect that you open your MLBB in virtual you will be automatically banned or suspended nor restart your game automatically. This might work so try it at your own risk. Downgrade your MLBB by uninstalling the latest version then install the MLBB ver 4.60 something like that. Look for it on google or any search engines out there.
  4. It's all in here. Just use the search button or if you cannot find any then YT is the answer.
  5. Hello, I have tried to change the money value in game and it worked but the problem is after a few seconds it gets an error and force to restart the game. Good and Bad thing when changing the money value in game. The good thing: The money you spend on the heroes you upgrade and buy is still in there. The bad thing: It forces you to close the game or restart it You need to revert back all the process you did in GG You need to re-enter the game to be able to continue the game If you have any solutions for the game to not crushed after changing and freezing the value in game then that would be awesome or any script that will helps you to rank up fast/defeat the other players. If you want the steps to check in game here's how: Hope someone might help me and i hope that i give someone ideas too. Thank you!
  6. Bro, i have found a solution. First, downgrade your MLBB Second, after downgrading. Add it now to your Virtual (Parallel, Dual - whatever you use) Then it'll be okay
  7. Hello, Newbie here! First of is i really do love watching series and anime's. Reading reddits topic and surfing 9gag wildest memes lmao I am really active here in GG's Forum without an account (just had now) lurking and watching from the shadows just like an anbu lol. I hope everyones okay with this lockdown.
  8. Same issue bro. I tried Parallel and other virtuals but it keeps on restarting. 5 times uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing cache and data.. still the same result.
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