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  1. Hmm. I have attempted again to find the values of, well, anything. I can assume that the games use security features kind of like RPG Maker VX where you have to do the value*2+or-1, but that does not seem to return much of anything eaither. I usually keep the search on Auto, and even doing a fuzzy search it returns over 861,000 Results, and that number never decreases, no matter how many times I increase or decrease he value in game. I am starting to think the values are in a diffrent format that I can't seem to figure out. Any Ideas?
  2. Hello, I have used Cheat Engine for a number of years on my PC games, so i kind of have an idea how these things work. But for some reason, I am having issues just in general. First off, Day R survival is a Post apocalyptic Survival Game that is brutally difficult. There are 2 versions of the Game. A free one, and a Paid one. I have the paid one. The game also has Online features, however, I don't play it online. I only play the Offline Mode. With that being said I was hoping someone could make either a LUA script, or give me some assistance on how to find the values I need. All I am really trying to do is something like Unlimited Fuel and durability for my Vehicles, or Unlimited Carry Weight so I can easily move my bases around. If anyone can provide me any help, I would appreciate it. Device: HTC Bolt Software Version: Bad Boyz Sprint HTC BOLT v2.1 Root: Magisk with TWRP GG: v.95 Android: 7.0 (Security Patch September 1, 2017)
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