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  1. DezerDezer

    Recording script

    So during when I wanna record a script for example if I want to hack ammo but I wanna refine so I can edit how would I be able to pause the recording reload then continue the recording to do the other steps
  2. How do I use fill
  3. What do I do when more than 1 or 2 values show that it belongs to the points
  4. Some games on roblox like Roville or work at a pizza place [added 3 minutes later] And u don't understand how people do that part where you change the address things I don't know which one is the right one
  5. What to do when you edit the value but its doesn't change the actual value
  6. When I hack prices for items it doesn't affect it it shows the price changes but when u press buy or purchase it doesn't show that I bought it is it unhackable if that happens
  7. But when I try to find out by changing the points or coins both dword and qword change to the same value
  8. DezerDezer

    Dword and qword

    When I refine a value to the last value it sometimes shows the dword and qword are connected to the same value
  9. DezerDezer


    When I see youtube tutorials on how to hack certain games they sometimes show that you have to press go to for a value but I always wondered how people figure out the right ones to use can someone tell how someone understands what they say I know in the picture it shows 0 but for some values how can I figure out the right ones ot select
  10. DezerDezer

    Finding values

    When I try to find a value and refine all the way I sometimes end up with dword and qword together when u try to check if on is different they both change to the value I'm changing and when I try to edits either one of them nothing happens
  11. DezerDezer

    Value changing

    The game I was playing us roblox
  12. DezerDezer

    Value changing

    I'm sorry but I'm a real noob when it comes to GG there are some terms I don't understand what is a green region and 1f or the -1/1 stuff and also I find the corcorrect value and I confirm that the same value changes but once I edit it and I change the original value ingame I see that nothing happens and when I press the floating icon it shows that I didn't even edit the value I don't know why it does this and I'm sorry for not understanding what you said very well
  13. DezerDezer

    Value searching

    Sometimes when I search for a value change the value then refine it says no results found I need help on how to fix this I also used auto to search
  14. DezerDezer

    Value changing

    Sometimes when I try to change a value then I check the value doesn't change sometimes
  15. DezerDezer

    Value searching

    Some values I try to change and refine till I get 1 I end up getting more than one value and they both apply to the same thing I think and when I change the value the different types of value change and when I try to change all of them nothing changes how do I get only 1 result every time
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