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  1. You should try the pro then. VMOS pro. You can simply search on Google "download VMOS pro mod apk", you won't need any unlocker and it supports both Android 5.1.1 and 7.0. Try it and lemme know how it works.

    3 hours ago, michaelagar20 said:

    VMOS doesn't start for some reason. I have a Samsung s20 and android 11. I downloaded the vmos unlocker tool and I downloaded vmos. It just crashes whilst loading. Could you pls help?



  2. I finally found out a way to run GG on Android 10.0, it works 100% 💯. I'm using Android 10 and running GG without root. You can guys should download VMOS. It's a virtual space that runs on version 5.1 so it enables the running of Game Guardian without root. Make sure you enable the "root option" upon installation. You can watch the video on my YouTube channel (Game Lovers Villa) - 

    The download links are provided in the video. Please subscribe as you watch 

  3. I'm making a suggestion. Can the game guardian team help to make an upgrade in GG that makes it possible to hack values that return to their original values after been altered or edited. I just hope one of the administrators look into this. 


    In addition to that, I'm looking for a very good teacher that can teach me how to hack unknown values like one shot kill, jump hacks, fly hacks, wall hacks and stuffs like that. Please I really need one and I'm always ready to learn. 

  4. Blades of Brim (From the Creators of Subway Surfers)

    ✅  Menu

    - Unlimited Cash

    - Unlimited Essence 

    - Unlock Chests

    - Scorehack

    - Unlimited Boosters

    - Speedhack 

    ✅ From the creators of Subway Surfers

    ✅ Latest version 

    ✅ No password 

    ✅  Enjoy and give a five-star rating before download 😎 

    Drop your comments if there's any problem with the script 

    ✅ Watch video hacks on my YouTube Channel and Pls Subscribe "Game Lovers Villa"


  5. 4 hours ago, MonkeySAN said:

    so when you use..

    gg.alert("your text") it got the same error

    just as gg.alert([[your text]]).....???

    could it be somewhere else too got mistakes...not just the alert.

    Thanks man

  6. I wrote a script with an alert

    gg.alert([[..........]]). But it says function has been deprecated, near [

    I tried looking for the error but I couldn't find it. And I have been using this alert in my scripts and there has been no error until this last one. Can anyone help? It's making me lose my mind. 

  7. Subway Surf

    ✅  Menu

    - Unlimited coins

    - Unlimited keys

    - All characters unlocked 

    - All hover boards unlocked 

    - Score hack

    - Unlimited Boosters

    - Speedhack 

    ✅ No password 

    ✅ Latest version 2.2

    ✅ Easy and simple to use

    ✅ Enjoy and give a five-star rating 

    ✅ Watch the video on my YouTube channel and pls subscribe "Game Lovers Villa"


  8. HTWBLS (Part 1)

    This script is made to teach gamers how to write GG lua scripts. It is also an eye opening project to some codes for script writers

    ✅ User should download Quick Edit because the tutorials can only be seen in an editor

    ✅ HTWBLS will be released in parts

    ✅ No encryption 

    ✅ No passwords

    ✅ Purely for educational purposes 

    ➖➖ HTWBLS Part 1 Tutorial Index ➖➖

    ✨ Creating Simple Menus

    ✨ Creating Multi Menus

    ✨ Time Script 

    ✅ Subscribe to my channel "Game Lovers Villa" to get the tutorial videos


  9. 6 hours ago, Coolboy263 said:

    If i use small F or big f nothing changes the error is not F or f

    This lines of code is not working i tryed to do all things i get error or it dont work

    Also if dont know this lines of code will give you error if there is no saved item

    Can you send the picture of the error it gives? 

  10. 2 hours ago, MumunDan said:

    No, gold always same

    I really can't say about that. It should work bro. Don't worry I'll keep working on an improvement 

    [added 1 minute later]

    Also you can still get more coins with the "unlimited moves" cheat. Try using that

  11. 57 minutes ago, MumunDan said:

    Game force close, when i use hack coin

    I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. I'll try working on an improvement. But when you went back to the game, did find the coin hacked already? 

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