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  1. This doesn't help and honestly I'm starting to think it's not possible to replace an AoB with a bigger AoB.
  2. I was wondering if there was a way to scan for an AoB (10 bytes) in length and then open it with the memory editor and paste a set of bytes into the memory which is around 70 bytes. The reason why I want to do this is because only the first 10 bytes remain the same but the rest are not static so searching for 70 bytes and then replacing them by another 70 bytes doesn't work for this game. If you're going to link me to a wikipage that you didn't even read then please don't bother responding to this. I wouldn't be here asking for help if I understood everything that was explained there, thank you.
  3. I noticed that when I run an AoB scans with 1 byte it makes the scanning a lot faster than when I run the same scan but with dword or qword even though they are at the same length. Since there's no way to let GG pause the game when my AoB is being replaced and resumes it back when there are no results I thought finding another way around it can solve my problem. I was wondering if there is a way to make it so that GG scans for a short AoB like "12 90 E2 EF" and then goes to that address and replaces an AoB like "12 90 E2 60 80 9E E4", as in the AoB I'm replacing once the search is found is longer than what I scanned for. If there is then I'd like to know how.
  4. @Enyby Your help will be most appreciated. I just need to know how to write a pause on replace command in my script that only pauses the game when it's replacing a value that's been found and runs the game otherwise.
  5. What else did I expect from someone with "monkey" in their name. I'll just ignore replies until Enby comes around and hopefully provides me with a useful answer.
  6. This is the help section. My problem is that I don't know how to set up an "if" statement to run when results are found and to not run when there aren't any results. I looked at the documentations and I can't understand how you'd need to put them together. Like I said, if you know how then answer, if you don't then stop wasting my time with these no brainer replies.
  7. I was mainly including that in my message to avoid any pointless replies, and it did the exact opposite here. If I knew what command I could use and I know how to make it work then I wouldn't ask now would I? I know about some commands but I don't know how to set it up in a script. Please stop trying to help if you can't help.
  8. I have an AoB scan and replace script and it's working fine, but there are a few times where GG isn't replacing my AoB fast enough (before the level loads) and my AoB must be replaced as soon as it's found. Is there a way to make a command where Game Guardian automatically pauses the game if any results are found and resumes it when there aren't any results? I've already got my script to loop but if I could a command to do this then my script would be perfect. Here's a part of my script in case it can be of any help: gg.searchNumber("h173000AE01880010101010983000AE0188001010101098",gg.TYPE_BYTE)gg.getResults(06)gg.editAll("h153000AE01880010101010983000AE0188001010101098") I just need someone to help me add a command to pause when results are found and unpause when there are no results and it would be highly appreciated. I'd also prefer that people give me an example of the command used instead of redirecting me to commands or telling me what I need.
  9. Of course. I just want to make my script run faster and this isn't helping. I think it would be safe to close this topic since my problem can't be solved.
  10. I wasn't asking for an example. I was using this in my script and I think you guys don't exactly understand what SIGN_EQUAL is doing here. I've been using it in my scripts and I know how to use it. I have lots of AoB scans that are running and I want to reduce the amount of addresses that GG uses for the scan when the script is running. I will say this one more time: SIGN_EQUAL DOES NOT LIMIT WHICH MEMORY RANGES GG USES FOR THE SCAN, IT RUNS A FULL SCAN BUT ONLY EXECUTES THE CODE TO THE ADDRESSES WITHIN THE SPECIFIED RANGE—MEANING IT DOESN'T MAKE THE SCAN ANY FASTER WHICH IS WHAT I'M GOING FOR HERE. Had to go for the caps so people can read.
  11. I don't think anyone can help me with this because the feature I'm looking for isn't there apparently. I know how to do this manually but I wanted to make it a part of the script. This doesn't help at all but thanks for trying everyone. Yeah I don't think there's any point to ask anymore.
  12. I don't think you understand what SIGN_EQUAL is doing here. Read it for a second and understand what it does. It does not lower the memory usage or make the scan any faster, it's only an if statement meaning run scan on full memory, but replace it only if it was within these ranges. I would appreciate if people respond to me after they read my posts entirely, or better yet understand how functions work first before they speak out of turn.
  13. I've stated in my post that I know about sign equal and that it's not doing what I want it to do because it still scans the memory fully but only replaces it if it's within the region and that's not what I'm going for since there are lots of AoBs to be replaced it and it help make the search faster if I could just tell it which addresses to scan between and which addresses to ignore. About the script recorder, I've done it way before I make this post but it still does the same thing. I'm not even sure if GG can do this can of thing anymore.
  14. Right. I want my script to scan for these values and replace them within certain memory ranges. I already know how to replace AoB scans but I don't know how to set the ranges but I guess you could call them size limits too. I know about using SIGH_EQUAL, but that doesn't do the trick for me because it acts more like a condition than a scan range; it will still scan the entire memory and replace only if it matches the condition. I was just wondering if there's something that tells the script to only find values within a certain range of addresses instead of having to scan the entire region.
  15. How do I exactly "specify" from where to where? I know the region but I want the script to run scans between the two addresses I mentioned above instead of scanning the entire region.
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