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  1. Hi, so i have problem, i want to search current player username and edit it in other function, but i dont know how to get previous search results to work in other function. Script is below: function namechanger() gg.setRanges(old) gg.alert("remember CaPs!") local searcher = gg.prompt({"Username: leave -> ; <-!!!!!"}, {[1]=';'}) if searcher[1] then gg.searchNumber(searcher[1]) local r = gg.getResults(10000) gg.toast("Now time to edit the name") editer() else test() end end function editer() editor = gg.prompt({"Edited Username Here:"},{[1] = ";"},nil) if editor[1] then gg.loadResults(r) gg.editAll(editor[1]) test() gg.toast("Name Changed") test() gg.clearResults(r) end if editor[nil] then test() end end If you know how to load previous function results into next function, pls help me. This username is not changing to what i want it to.
  2. Im modding game called "Critical Ops" and i have found hitbox cheats and radars.
  3. Hi! I have question. I have found good offsets with dumping il2cpp, but i need to know, that how i can search offset, and edit them as hexademical? I have seen scripts, that allows offset editing via hex. Thank you! ~ Kilookuoma
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