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  1. Yup that's what i mean, if anyone still confuse with flag id, you can just search with group. E.g 500;5000;5000;67890::13 500 - rank 5000 - current lvl 5000 - max lvl 67890 - current exp (value inside square box with yellow bar) Note: low rank lvl = hatch faster, you can set rank 1 at the beginning and it should only take few second to hatch....
  2. Or you can get any low level egg (put chaos stone in low lv tier terrain) usually it will crack in a minutes. After cracked just hack their star, level, stat or whatever u want.
  3. simple, you can use speedhack for it
  4. after new update hack town rank and residents stat will lead you ban, becareful
  5. Hi can someone make tutorial how to hack intimacy ??? I tried to dword search the current number then when it changed it won't appear in the next scan
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