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  1. spider72a

    Hey, I'm spidy

    OK, so.. How do ya know you are on the naughty side. Is there an actual way to check? And...How to I get sim to be in offline mode in bluestacks so i can do the sim hack once and not be "caught". I cant find any topics anywhere that actually answer these questions?
  2. spider72a

    Hey, I'm spidy

    I have spent the last 4 hours trying to get this simcity buildit lua script to work. I am using bluestacks and GG, every time I go to change the number to 1, the game crashes and says its protected. I can no find any kinda of an easy fix for this. Ive spent hours and hours looking at videos and tutorials, but nothing tells ya what ta do to fix it. Also, I dled the script from SIMCITY BUILDIT STORE HACK SIMCASH + SIMOLEONS (7 reviews) Follow 12 By RONO_PLAYS and i finally found it in the gg but all it does it waits for 3 to 4 mins then comes back and says 440 done, but doenst seem to be doing anything. I know you pro's are prolly tired of us noobs coming in here asking stupid stuff but.....i cant find any info on it. spidy
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