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  1. any idea what mod does the lad in the fb group uses?
  2. No luck with both things. Any news if something got patched or?
  3. i literally did it like 60+ times with no luck at all
  4. I have totally missed this. Been re reading the thread few times. Thank you! Edit : actually at this step "Now same idea except your level x100. So search 2700~2799x8" i get "Nothing found"
  5. As i stated, im not really really good with GG therefore i havent managed to change the gems value. And im not sure how to locate my gold value again since im not getting any gold ( being maxed doesnt let u add up gold via rewards and etc ).
  6. Hello lads! I have a question. Can we hack the price for the gobstone activity for example? I was kind of greedy and hacked my gold to like 1.3m but rushed and didnt hack gems and now i cant seem to manage finding the gems adresses so is there a way to change an activity price so i could go back under the MAX amount of gold and try hacking both gold and gems this time? Or can i simply change my gold value? Thanks in advance for your response!
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