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  1. isellweed

    Phoenix OS LAG

    couldn't record a video, no ideas of this problem?
  2. isellweed

    Phoenix OS LAG

    Since is not a specify error, i just did some random clicks. i'm gonna try to record a video too, maybe it helps GG_logcat_r89.0_15836_7.1.1_25.log
  3. isellweed

    Phoenix OS LAG

    hello there. I've been used gg from months on windows emulators and never experienced problems, but yesterday I've moved to Phoenix os (more smoothness) and gg it's really, really laggy like, I'm clicking on something and it takes 5 to 10 seconds (sometimes more than 10 seconds) to show or execute a comand. is there any fix or something to make it faster? it's already checked in "autorun"
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