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  1. IS there any way to get this Full battlepass x20 out of my mailbox? Its glitching ALL my other items
  2. It restarted for me but the time I try to do It again, my rewards stop in level 36 and I don't received the coins so I'm still trying to figure out what to do
  3. It also disappeared for me, I got in total 150 coins. My survival guide restarted so I can do all process again.
  4. I can try to explain the process with details, or I can just record a video, but did u still have the coins? Than It is the same thing that happened to me
  5. I swapped with gasoline id, and I already had gasoline in my mailbox, so I bought the Premium pass into the transport section of the shop
  6. Same thing happens to me, but I stay with the coins I received
  7. Guys, so I don't really know If this thing is happening to you, basically I tried to hack the full version and than I got the coins and Items, I tried to make all Items unlimited and I couldn't only hack tools and guns, and as you know the full version give coins, and I don't have much experience with this swap gasoline id with the Item id, so when I restarted the game and checked the mailbox I was with the coins but not with the Items, and my survival guide restarted but I still have the coins, so if I make the same thing I'll get more coins and I can do this many times but idk If this is also happening to u guys so I Just wanted to say because, with this we Can get coins, and I Also have a question, How can we get unlimited guns from mailbox?
  8. Pls tell me the id of the silenced pack
  9. Install a mod apk with this data
  10. Hey can u list some packages ids pls?
  11. U should buy gasoline make It 999999, than u transform the package into gasoline and u buy the package for 1 coin after that, just restart the game and you will have it.
  12. Guys can u please list some packages id's, I could only do with rare blueprints, also this is the gasoline id: 17;6,619,250;7,274,611;7,471,221;6,619,235;6,750,303;7,536,737;7,077,999;7,209,065;101:37
  13. Game doesn't load, this is the second time It happens to me
  14. I didn't have good results ;-; got banned, probably didnsomething wrong. Could you do a video explaining how to get it? 17;6619235;6750303;7536737::50 got it from a pdf
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