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  1. @zam535582 got your version first, but somehow still bug display image. not sure what's the difference though and i notice that those items are not bugged can't be hacked using unlimited inbox method . maybe they put some special code on those
  2. ;spear_chinese and; chinese_lubu_pants
  3. There are plenty of videos for you to watch in this thread. Don’t just ask, search and learn how people do it. By the time you ask and wait for answer, you can learn a lot of things from this thread
  4. found it, but no luck in swapping id because it seems not to be an item so no display image, can't use
  5. ;fish_platter and ;fine_fish_platter and there are 14 recipes so you might miss smt
  6. Safe and you can consume them normally. Tested many times. For inbox, it seems didn’t save if you swapped an item which is 999+ so maybe that how it’s bugged down
  7. So just modify it outside and see how it works rather than saying the code is dangerous. I did this not in the inbox so it’s safe for me. Since in a recent update devs change how the inbox works so maybe some bugs if using the old method. For dishes, you just need to avoid them when they change how these work but for now it’s safe to store them in your base. Don’t be too greedy when trying to store everything in the inbox. And yes, my save is logged in to google
  8. That might be possible. But so far from my experience, if you don’t interact with it, the game won’t bug down. To be sure, just make a back up folder data and when got bugged, paste the folder data back. That’s how i keep my save safe for over 2 years Btw, i found something like season 1 premium pass but not sure possible with season 2 and 3. Maybe you can have a look about it
  9. Well, the code i gave you i already test it myself. Result was shown in my previous comment. You can try zam’s code but it’s only different in last dword which means different in grade of recipe. If you do anything wrong, no code will help you my man. Maybe i will make a video for you to see clearly
  10. Sweet and sour perch: 22;6,619,248;6,488,178;6,226,024;7,798,899;6,619,237;6,226,036;7,209,057;6,226,020;7,274,611;7,471,221;3,276,895:45 i think that should be enough for you to find the rest of all
  11. maybe something similar can be applied to season pass too ?
  12. maybe i should open a seafood restaurant in last day on earth if i can
  13. is it possbile to find the code of survival guide ? if so we can buy unlimited survival guide btw, you always surprise us with something cool
  14. jack-o'-lantern 35;7667814;7209074;7602281;7471221;6226021;6357096;7077996;7798895;6619237;6226030;7667824;7340141;6881387;6226030;6357091;6553710;6619244;115
  15. try clear data and then restart the game. it may comeback to the moment where you don't have corrupted data in your save files
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