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  1. There are certain threshold where the game won't break (can't access shop). I think it was past 999. The way I increased the value is to use checkbox "add to value". Since I don't know what the actual dword represents, I added those values, summon 1, and repeat the process. The values that I changed were 2 dwords above and below to the found dword value. See screenshot. Noticed the 2 values have 1 number difference.
  2. Yep. You were right. It doesn't show as a DWord value of 1 but it was something else.
  3. 1 last question, do you use hw or sw gg?
  4. Hm.. I don't quite understand your question. Are you saying, edit other DWords with value other than 1 and if it fails, revert (one by one)?
  5. Okay. How do you begin your search (i.e. I started with summoning ticket at value of 3 DWord, then use 1, search for 2, then use 1, search for 1. At this time I narrowed it to 2 entries, then at each entries, i used goto and find all dword with value of 1, then change them to the desirable amount. This doesn't change the ticket. Did I do it correctly? )? I got everything else (character stats, usable items in train menu, resources) except group items and tickets using my method above.
  6. How do you define "logical"? I looked at some values with the same Dword value and changed them but no luck.
  7. What's your GG version and did you use "GoTo" as well?
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