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  1. That's fine sir.at least you've tried.thanks for the effort sir!
  2. Sir try to click the chatbox.if I says not available currently then you're banned.even when you click the arena.few hours then that guest account will be total banned.i knew it cause I done this alot
  3. Banned after doing this lol.good I use guest account
  4. Woah I thought it's done..I can't wait to try this after work..thank you so much sir @NoFear
  5. Ironically the freezing of values works sir @NoFear SMH lol.i reconnect and still have the same value But the adding of values also makes it 0 Btw the game is dungeon corporation and it's online.
  6. @NoFear sir it says invalid number if I edit the same time.i can pause the game but it still becomes zero after editing it
  7. @NoFear sir I guess you did this in your previous post but somehow it seems different on my case.maybe you can help me enlighten with this.thanks! https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/21674-2-encrypted-values-for-main-single-value/
  8. Can anyone help me how to edit hese 2 values? The line is as follows: 6,743,001 6,743,003 2 The main value is 2.changes on any of the 3 will get the value to 0.im not that familiar with xor so maybe someone can help me with this..thanks
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