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  1. But, will I be able to continue playing on that save if I un-link? I know it might be a dumb question, but I just want to know. Man, I'm discouraged about re-starting the WHOLE GAME again. All my progress and stuff, Jesus...
  2. I've been using an APK for about a year now. I've had my original account and stopped playing at Year 3. Then, used a new, Facebook-linked, account, and have been playing it ever since. Never had ANY issues up until the recent update. Never used any cheats to generate Coins or Gems, only bypass energy, and instant actions. Like, oh, to skip the timer to play the next encounter of the story needs 55 Gems? Even if I have less than 55, I can click and the game will act as if I had enough gems. Same things with clothes (and attributes that come with them). On the same day that I received this message, I was playing it normally, and later at night, when I decided to play again, BOOM! I contacted Support, but they keep saying that the account was altered, and blah, blah, blah. Man, I'm discouraged to replay it ALL OVER AGAIN. All my Magical Creatures, all the progress... all the Lv. 10 Friendships that I grinded to get (especially Fred's, cause holy s***...). What the *****?! I can't even un-link that account because I can't get past the Loading Screen! I un-installed and re-installed the game many times, and I get to my old account, and when I chose to open my Facebook-linked one, this shows up. I'm really pissed. Why NOW?
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