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  1. How it works when someone chooses a number other than the 730 he will exit the script Value Online.lua
  2. someone Pls Teachme How Make ChatRoom Pls!!
  3. tysm Bro U help me from earlier and sorry if bother you !!
  4. Iwant to do Like This Jz = gg.makeRequest("https://pastebin.com/raw/UF0B2zD7").content if not Jz then gg.alert('Script Need Your Internet So Ineed Steal Your Data!!') gg.alert(':v No Its Just Joke') gg.toast('Just Joke Bro!!') os.exit() else pcall(load(Jz)) end function Main() Menu = gg.multiChoice({ 'this The Feature', 'exit',},nil,'Halo') but at Pastebin it's my maintenance or expired Script site
  5. How to do Expired Script On Pastebin Thats So Hard Someone Help!!
  6. local menu = gg.alert('Select Language','','') if menu == 0 then elseif menu == 1 then elseif menu == 2 then Eng() end function Indo() gg.alert('Hai') end function Eng() gg.alert('Hallo') end Where ia the wrong Om Beginner Sorry!!
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