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  1. HarQQ

    Script doesnt working

    The script staying always on this, i can click "No" and it's minimalize, when im click "STOP" he's stopped *It's logic* results: Staying, doesn't working, does nothing, and i have the same with all script to brawl stars.
  2. HarQQ

    Script doesnt working

    Hi, i wanted trying menu script for game brawl stars and its doesnt working, somebody know what im doing not right? Help guys. Gameguardian 86.1 NOX / Script by G1doz / parallel space 4.0.8840 version
  3. HarQQ

    Brawl Stars

    Somebody can make a menu script lua for brawl stars? Because scripts By g1doz doesnt working, check photo below.
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