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  1. I choose (b) I'm sorry Sir I won't do that again
  2. WhiskeyCl


    can the latest version be installed on vmos ?? Please advise
  3. Thank you again Sir @AKRAMRAZA so much help from you . Yes I follow your instructions n if I got problems I will ask you Sir. Again, thank you so much Sir
  4. I want to thanks to you too @AKRAMRAZA Sir, your help is so useful, thank you so much Sir. And also I want to thanks for @Enyby Sir . https://youtu.be/r3gDkfpjZ4w
  5. Hi, Can someone explain why I got virus in new version of GG? (See my picture)
  6. Thank you so much for helping me, thank you I'm so happy now thank you so much
  7. What code in GG that I can used to search word value?
  8. Hi, I'm a new members. I need help for my script. Pleasein the script, I want to edit the word value but what I use to search is the Dword value. after I get the value, then I cheat on the word value. which should if you use the script one time (search and efit value, done). to better understand my point, you can see some of my videos and also include the script file WB3D.lua
  9. I need help please. If someone can fix my first script for Warship Battle 3D. In my script I want to edit Word value, but I'm using Dword value for searching. It's wrong? Please need help WB3D.lua
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