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  1. Game speed does not work which why I ask for request.
  2. Is it possible for a lua script in GG or search float value in GG to search for games that had timer and get rewards. Example there is a count down timer of 12 hours, using either LUA script or search value to lower the timer. Is that even possible? Any input is appreciate or link. Example of a game like Subway Surfers or even Candy Crush where they is timer to collect the items when it reach.
  3. Hello everybody, I am new to this. I wish to learn some basic mod on android games. Hope I could have some guidance.
  4. Hello, Any new tutorials to mod or edit multi-player on-line game e.g. Clash of Kings I am just trying to learn and did search a few like using IDA Pro to look at the libgame.so. It rather complicate and wish there is some guide that have current on-line games to learn from. Thanks, Jeff
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