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  1. Video tutorial of steps 7-9: https://streamable.com/9oioe
  2. Hi, After alot of searching I finally found a way to get gems/elixers in Realm defense in 2019. Disclaimer: (I think, haven’t fully tested other ways) this can only work by making a new account, because when you backup it doesn’t overwrite the save as more progress has been made on your current account in comparison to the new one. So you need to use a new google play account and make sure that’s the one being used by the game to login. You can check this by going into your phone settings > Google > (Add/Select new account) > Ensure the box is ticked where it says “Use this account to sign in to games” Method: Use bluestacks – which is a mobile emulator, root it and install game guardian(This is optional if you have a rooted phone, I just prefer bluestacks) and Realm defense version 1.11.1 . We’re then going to run the game, do the first two tutorial levels then head over to the store. Click on the elixir tab open game guardian search for the value “:8500” and save all the addresses found. We will then select all these addresses and replace the value to “:-9999”. This will now give you gems when you click the button instead of take them away and it will also give you +10000 elixer, you can use an auto clicker to spam the button until you have around 5 million gems or however much you want. We will then backup our game and exit out of realm defense completely. Once that is done, we will head over to the play store and update the game to the latest version. You will now have a legit copy of the game with 5m gems and 50m elixir. Useful links: Download Bluestacks: https://www.bluestacks.com/bluestacks-4.html Download Bluestacks Tweeker 5(required to root bluestacks): https://bstweaker.tk/ Video tutorial on how to root Blue stacks after both of the above downloads have been installed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21qSgqCNQNY&list=PLOx4lYwUQYvooe7gQnThwWsc_Mn9UCLsR&index=41&t=0s Download game guardian: https://gameguardian.net/download Download Realm defense version 1.11.1: https://realm-defense.en.uptodown.com/android/download/1723866 Step by Step (Steps 1-3 are optional if you already have a rooted phone, I just prefer a emulator) Download & Install Bluestacks Root Bluestacks Download & Install GameGuardian Download & Install Realm Defense version 1.11.1 Complete first two tutorial levels Head over to the store and click the elixer tab Open GameGuardian search for ":8500" - the type is "text" Save all addresses, select all addresses and replace all address values to ":-9999" Change tabs to something else and go back to elixer tab it should now refresh and show the value of the 10k elixer package as -9999 Use an autoclicker to spam buy and you will recieve gems and 10k elixer per click - do this until you're happy with the amount Backup game (optional) Close game guardian and the game Open Google play store and update the game Your game should now be using the latest legit version and you should have all the gems from the previous version.
  3. Hi, I found a way of exploting a popular game/this is requested alot here and I would like to share my method. However I cant post it in guides. Why is my account restricted?
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