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  1. Since I am clearly not smart enough to understand all this, I am eagerly awaiting the guide as to how this process works - Amazing work based on the video @NoFear
  2. No real surprise they tried to protect it....lots of complaints of people using Mag to hammer people in war, with a never ending supply of Hydrants, Anvils, and Binoculars
  3. OK, gotta ask.....have you updated to the newest build of the game??
  4. Different perhaps, but you're finding a way to identify and change the item in the NeoMall.....which we ain't able to do.
  5. @NoFear - We would search through the Global Trade for the ID of the item number. Unfortunately, they change, and are unique to each opening of the game.
  6. It's more about the ability to add items. The tricks to update NeoMall items to other items appears dead (unless EA/TT fixes their code again). Not so much about SimCash or Coins, more items
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