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  1. hello guys, i'm looking for a way to change life points values in brave frontier. about 3 years ago i had found a way to change these values, but now i restarted the game and i'm encountering some difficulty with the same method. is there anyone who has some practice with this? i'm only interested in enemy life points hack, not zel or something
  2. so i should just give up?
  3. im using memu emulator. is it possible to set a working device on it?
  4. Ok lol i had to wait 24 hours after i sent my last message (really????). Ok i know that gg modifies memory and the game detects it, but why are there people, here and on yt, doing this without any problem? How is it possible? Why does my game detects it and their game doesnt?
  5. i have just played 7 minutes without prolems with gg opened but not used. then i searched for a value and i did even find it, but right after i tried to modify it, the game closed
  6. MEmu 11_08_2019 23_24_59.mp4
  7. its the same if i do it after selecting the game, i tried
  8. ok, this time it took a while to stop working but usually it crashes during the research or right after that. but also if it took a while all the times, it still stops in the end, without giving me enough time MEmu 11_08_2019 22_58_47.mp4
  9. how can i upload more than 14.65MB? im new here
  10. i just start gg and archero, set gg on hide from game 2,3,4. start any serarch and at the end of the search the game closes itself
  11. Still doesn't work. I have already tried all the tutorials
  12. The game crashes because i search with gg. It'a common problem when games detect gg. I'm looking for a method to hide gg but none of the ones i found here worked
  13. And where should it be installed?
  14. hello, im trying to use gg in archero but archero keeps detecting gg. im using memo emulator and root mode on. if i start both archero and gg normally, it crashes when i search for a value. so i tried one of your solutions with virtual xposed but it keeps crashing. i started gg from xposed and archero normally. i also tried with parallel space but it still doesnt work
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