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  1. HieuDT

    Archero Script

    Oh i see , thank you
  2. HieuDT

    Archero Script

    Hi Here is video, thank for your support .
  3. HieuDT

    Archero Script

    I tried rightnow , still not working .
  4. HieuDT

    Archero Script

    Hi @ItsSC I fixed select process issue . But how to hack gold ? i tried and it not work . Put ingame value : chapter of dungeon, in match gold , and get a message : gold hack complete , 0 value edited.
  5. HieuDT

    Archero Script

    I using gameguardian 8.6.2 and updated to newest version 8.6.3 but same error .
  6. HieuDT

    Archero Script

    Its normal game, download from google playstore . And offical gameguardian .
  7. HieuDT

    Archero Script

    @ItsSC I get error : "Please select game process before starting the script" . But i selected game process already . Try alot time but same . Please help me.
  8. HieuDT

    Archero Script

    Can you share method to hack the gold . Thank you.
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