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    Archero Script

    Got it to work, thanks for those fast responses though
  2. Ikarus

    Archero Script

    Well I've been running Archero in the past (around 4 Months ago) fine, and I'am using 8 gb's of ram with 4 CPU's and it's still crashing. Never had it in any other game before. I've read something about that Archero detects emulators and closes itself after around 1 Minute. Do I have to start the game out of an Virtual Space? Edit; just tried a clean Nox6 and it crashes pretty fast too. It's like running GameGuardian with the Crash timing
  3. Ikarus

    Archero Script

    Hey there just a basic question. I've tried to run Archero in Memu and it crashes a minute in. Is there a workaround to play it in emulators? It even crashes on a clean Memu without GG and Root. Btw: I'am using MEmu
  4. But then Archero is crashing every other Minuit, because they made the game unplayable with emulators. Is there a VS that works with archero?
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