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    Script is not working on version of Knife Hit 1.8.3 and Android 5.1.1. Nothing useful, but good idea of the script. Sorry, 1 star
  1. I found a bug with unlimited fuel option. For example, when I play on Moonlander and holding two buttons (gas and break) with unlimited fuel option ON, fuel goes down, and freeze when I realise two buttons. If you play on any car on Volcano, and your car will be in lava, fuel goes down again. Also please, add an unlimited boosters option and NoClip (or invisible). That means, when Bill's head hitting the ground, game continues. And if you can, remove waiting for booster activate again. Sorry for English mistakes, if there are. Thanks
  2. Wow! This is a really good script! Infinite fuel works very nice. Also, can you add a something like NoClip (I mean if Bill's head hitting ground, game continues). Is it possible? Thank you for good script!! Sorry, if I have an English mistakes
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