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  1. Dark-Yox

    Plague Inc.

    After the last update(s) I wasn't able to hack the DNA anymore, I end up finding 6 or 12 values (half of them are encrypted) changing them doesn't affect the real value and freezing the value doesn't work too. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.miniclip.plagueinc
  2. Just yesterday the G-Presto protection was detecting LP 8.9.0 but during the same day there was the new version of LP 8.9.1 that was able to bypass them
  3. No, I didn't, but if Lucky Patcher was able to bypass them I'm pretty sure GG can do that too
  4. Hello, G-Presto protection detect GG installed on your phone, this is the first time GG is detected for me (before even using it) I tired disabling the protection of the app alone then all apps + hiding GG but they still manage to detect it, I also tried uninstalling GG waiting for the game to launch and reinstalling GG later hopping that the verification is only made during the launch of the game but the game still close itself 8 seconds later GG : 99.0 Game : Aggretsuko 1.6.5 Root : Magisk 20.4 SELinux : Enforcing Android 10 (arm64-v8a)
  5. Dark-Yox

    Decrypt values

    Thanks for the quick answer but can you tell me how to do that or give me some useful link(s) ?
  6. Dark-Yox

    Decrypt values

    Hi, I just wonder if it's possible to know the algorithm used for encryption/decryption if we know the real value of some encrypted numbers like in my case I know that 1.545.691.265 = 0 Coins 1.545.691.300 = 37 Coins 1.545.691.494 = 487 Coins etc..
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