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  1. yea bro [added 0 minutes later] i can't do it myself bro.. i want to see the value of some hacks because the script isn't compitable with my device
  2. Please decrypt this script Script Gilang Faisal V12.7(FIXED).lua
  3. Hello, my device is OPPO F11 and it's Mediatek P70 WH + Color hack its so hard on mediatek. so do anyone have mediatek wh script or the method? thanks
  4. Lawlietto

    unity guard

    gg can still detect mobile legend unity. choose mobilelegend(UnityKillsMe) proccess. hope it helps:)
  5. hello, im new to gameguardian . and i want to learn to make my own script, so can please someone decrypt this script so i can learn how to make script. Thanks theres many script i want to learn, can you please decrypt at least 1 of these.. thank you very much! Script Gilang Faisal 9.0.lua X_GAMES_PLAY - MARK 3.lua Koplaxs Gaming Public V9.5 Fix.lua Android ESP.enc
  6. hello, can anyone decompile this script? Script Gilang Faisal V8.8.lua
  7. Hello, im new to gameguardian forums and scripts. i want to learn to make my own script. so, can someone decompile this script? thanks Script Gilang Faisal V8.8.lua
  8. Hello everyone. I'm new to GameGuardian and lua thingies. i want to learn about the script and try to make my own script. Can someone please decrypt this PUBG Mobile Script? BANG M4 V31.lua
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