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  1. Sorry for the late reply, were you able to figure it out? Do a search for your tuning tools quantity;327680~327699::5 ... if you have 0 tuning tools in your inventory you will have too many results. Earn more tuning tools to increase your inventory or purchase some from the blackmarket then repeat your search with the new quantity.
  2. I can't figure it out, my scrap points reverted back to the old value again so idk how it works or why.
  3. It's funny you bring this up. I had the same problems with lowering the values on my cash, skips and scrap parts. It's taken me hours and I don't know why it does that but I was eventually able to get it to stick. I tried many different things (raise the value, lower, erase, change) but in short when you do your search on the loading screen, you must have 2 results to edit. If you only get your currency once and edit, it will change back to the old value as soon as you spend or receive cash. Keep restarting and searching, I sometimes do the search before killing the game and restarting (without editing), idk if that helped. I also closed the game and GameGuardian and started over. I did this over and over again until my results gave me 2 numbers to edit.
  4. VIP was easy to get (check the video below). Everything is bannable and not to jink it but so far so good, at least on my end. I did have to make a small purchase in order to make my VIP level 10 work (otherwise I was stuck at level 9. Great find! Thanks for sharing. I didn't think it was still possible to hack levels. I tried every video I found online but I never seen this method before, and it worked! I can't get the blueprints hack to work still tho, I tried his method but no luck.
  5. I never attempted to do a group search. I've always just repeated each process individually when required (low on gold, cash, etc...). I try not to add more than 6 figures of gold to stay under the "radar" (pun intended ... lol). I have been banned in the past and had to create a new account. Also do not play Rivals as its a sure way to get banned as well.
  6. I will do my best to explain and include a video guide I found on YouTube. Let me know if you need more help. Step 1: Open NFS No Limits (take note of your current gold amount, you will need that number later.) Step 2: Open GameGuardian - Main Settings - "Select Process" - "No Limits" .... then while still in the Main Setting scroll down to "Autopause Game:" and change it to "Yes" ... Open the Search tab (magnifying glass icon) and go to settings, scroll down to "Filter" and change the amount under "Show:" to 10000 and "Apply" ... go back to the Main Settings - "Kill the game" and when given the option "Restart the game". Step 3: When the game restarts and is loading there will be a spinning circle in the bottom right corner of the screen which indicates the game is loading. When the loading circle stops spinning (it freezes for a couple of seconds before loading the next screen) quickly open GameGaurdian and go to search and enter the following value - your current gold amount;327680~327699::5 and do a new search as a Dword. Refine your results to show only your current gold amount and then edit to whatever new gold amount you want. Steps 4: Close GameGuardian, let the game finish loading and enjoy your gold! Edit: Take note you can repeat those results with your cash, scrap points and tuning tools.
  7. I love this nfs, it's one of my daily games. Yes some mods have been patched such as unlock all cars, blueprints and player levels (at least I can no longer get them to work). I can confirm as of today the gold and cash mod still works. Other working mods that I know of include VIP, scrap points, tuning tools and fuel.
  8. I just wanted to report that the mod works fine now. I must have tried 1000 times yesterday and had given up, but I decided to give it one last shot this morning and all is well. I no longer require anyone to confirm if it is still working. Thanks!
  9. I have been hacking Gold in NFS No Limits for years with GameGuardian using the loading screen hack (Gold Value *****;327680;327699::5) and never had any problems but today the game crashes after changing the values. I tested it 3 ways on 3 different devices all with the same results, the game crashes after changing the values. Can someone please confirm if this method still works or if they're having the same problem? If so does anyone have a new working method? Device 1: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 OS: Nougat 7.1 LineageOS Root: YES Results: Game Crashes Device 2: LG V20 OS: Oreo 8.0 Root: NO (Parallel Light with Game Guardian) Results: Game Crashes Device 3: Laptop PC OS: BlueStacks 4 Root: YES (BSTweaker5) Results: Game Crashes
  10. What game are you having issues with?
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