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  1. Anewien

    Archero Script

    It works ! Thanks a lot for your work, and being this quick :).
  2. Anewien

    Archero Script

    I got the search to succeed and tells me that this item will be replaced by the one I choosed, with the amount I choosed (only when the solution to purchase the item was by watching an ad, if it was by spending gems, the search would fail). But it ended up doing nothing and not getting the items. So yeah a video of it would be appreciated.
  3. Anewien

    Archero Script

    Okay well, energy and level works, my bad. But "store" keeps telling me the search failed. And if anyone could help me on the item hacks, I don't really get to see how to make it works. Thanks for your help and your work.
  4. Anewien

    Archero Script

    Yes. It was in MeMu. Anyway it worked in phone. But can't get to get level, energy or store to works.
  5. Anewien

    Archero Script

    For me it just doesn't work. I have game guardian installed in Virtual Xposed only. I've checked the thing to hide it. And in game guardian I've checked 2/3 and 4 to hide it from the game, but no, the game just close itself. Even if I run Archero with GG closed, it closes itself. But GG doesn't show up in the list of installed apps.
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