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  1. Idk why but parallel slows my phone down to the point where screen tapping is slow and overall everything is just slowed down should I use a different virtual Space Environment or is there something else wrong that'll continue to the other spaces
  2. I was thinking is it possible to modify games like you said they can't be server sided because all there information is in the server but what if I downloaded the Apks and obb +data files unzipped them ,there's agame I downloaded and I looked up the file where the values are stored its in my files and that's the only reason I was able to increase my values
  3. Everything I do try to edit comes back with errors
  4. how can I put it in a different path None of these paths exist on my phone there just blank
  5. Processing all that information ("brain ")
  6. ShawnInAFranxxx


    Is there an easy way to learn how to
  7. I was just in a server and someone used the system to to teleport and do everything..can Enyby hack this game please. Somehow they can hack the game but I couldn't ?system.(" " ) .the text chat was in script form somehow the sever allows scripts to be typed or something said to preform system jump 1337 ? I'm a noob so I didn't understand and left
  8. Methods work to change to coin value but it keeps resetting back to normal
  9. Also try dungeon chronicles and Alchemists MMORPG
  10. So I figured out how to edit my coin value for Aucurus Online MMORPG at first everything worked here's what I did:::::: Scan the amount of Coin 800,500 coin for example Use some coin buying potion in the General store:100 coin cost Then After Scan Edit Value of 800500 To 800400 Refine search Use some coin buying potion again 800400 . Edit Adress to 800300 Find all Values Matching Coin Remove all the rest of the non matched Edit addresses of to Max Number. save it Buy Something with Coin..and it sets to whatever number between 1-2billion Now ever since I did it the first time here's the problem everything works except it says insufficient funds when I try to do buy anything but I have 2billion coin...did I do something wrong..? Also can anyone write up how to change levels like EXP XP ect. I tried this Start Game Open Game Guardian Select Memory Ranges Uncheck JH JAVA HEAP Uncheck Chi C++HEAP Uncheck Ca C++ alloc Uncheck Cd C++data Uncheck Cb ++bss Uncheck PS:PPSSPP keep A: Anonymous Checked Fuzzy Search /Select Data Type:Double GET XP EXP Open Game Guardian How has the Value changed More button Difference= EXP earned from monster Example 80.0 Select N=O+D Collect more EXP XP Earned from a monster Check Value Changes Edit address as Double =Value Change Goto the box = = I wrote this all down on my dictionary so bare with me lol Select the 2 values the value above and below the yellow highlighted value Edit 2 addresses as D-word The Value Replace a Number Higher Example :1,098,988 change to 1,198,988 Collect more EXP..EXP Changes to Max I tried everything to get it to work on different games I'm finding more and more games and I'm getting more and more tech savy wizard I just wanna know if there's anything I'm doing wrong I tested this process on games like Aucurus Online MMORPG Sword Fantasy Works and others like it probably if yah can help find a level changer plz Thanks pleaseput our brains together not mine but 0.o someone -,0 Enby lol Enby is like pewdiepie Pewdiepie =the face of YouTube Enby =the face of Game Guardian lol
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