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  1. Now I m checking this. Thank you. If i find the text or number about gem, then what can i do? i will need some script about that. like "after detected gold gem value, click to screen immediately"
  2. hi everybody, I don't know if it can be done but I want to learn something. Is there any way to detect "image" from screen with lua codes? Let me explain; I m playing a game. you have to skip dungeons until you see gold gem and stop skipping then entering to dungeon. game system like that. If you skip quickly, you have more chance to find gold gems. but there is a little problem. "we can skip gold gems accidentaly". I want to prevent this mistakes. If there is a way to read screen and detect gold gem image, then script create a wall on skip button.so i cant skip dungeon. sorry for my english. Best regards
  3. this is awesome. now i got it thank you
  4. i tried this, but i open speed hack, after icon disappeared ,speed hack automatically back to default. and speed hack increase/decrease buttons not working.
  5. Hello guys, i wonder that how can i hide GG icon when i'm using Speed Hack. But at the same time i want to record my game screen. For example, Volume Up Button - Increase Speed Volume Down Button - Decrease Speed I want use like that, because when i recording my screen, i must use speed increase/decrease. But icon will not shown. Possible?
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