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    Google services aren't working even with the option to add it in settings, Xposed is only good if you want to hide GG but that's it
  1. thread is a bit old but i was looking for a solution and even adding google services in settings, it just doesn't work on 0.17.3
  2. There's no cloud support via google play services, it just doesn't work. I already tried adding google services in settings, nope.
  3. ashtar

    Archero Script

    No banned accounts yet but apparently see posts above me, they made an announcement about banning accounts now. I had lot of golds(in millions, i think that's what triggered it) and scrolls, no legendary. i like how they say "Recently, we've received a lot of complaints for cheating players", that's so funny, on a solo game how could there be massive complaints... straight up lies. Opened 2x100 obsidian chest, and averaged 5 epic per 100 chests. You get approx 1 epic per 20 chests on average. it would be like 1 epic for ≈ 40 Eur if it was money spent nice cash grab.
  4. ashtar

    Archero Script

    Just letting people know, they're starting to reset modded accounts, they wipe level, gear, gold etc... you get promped, when starting game, with a windows saying "account change detected. Log in as ..." Game isn't even multiplayer, they're so lame
  5. ashtar

    Archero Script

    Just wanted to update my post, it's not possible on parallel space to hide GG, but it works with xposed when you uninstall from system. i would really be interested in a gems hack @ItsSC Also is there a reason why you chose to add a slider for item hacks that goes up to 50000 instead of having user manually enter his own value ? Thanks man
  6. ashtar

    Archero Script

    Haven't test with virtual xposed yet but with Paralel space, if you uninstall GG from the system, it will be automatically deleted from paralel space too
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