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  1. Hey guys I've used gg a little bit in the past but I'm definitely a rookie when it comes down to it so any help would be greatly appreciated. I had gg in the past but now I got a newer phone so it's back to square one. I just recently downloaded gg to use on NFS:No limits and after watching some tutorials on YouTube I figured I could get it to work but I wouldn't be here if it had lol. So if anyone could walk me through the process of downloading the right one and getting it to work I'd be grateful. I can't even get nfs to open while I'm under the virtual exposed app. I love gg, it's a great system so I really want it to work, thanks guys
  2. Some of the YouTube videos about hacking csr2 are pretty recent, 1 was made 2 weeks ago. Is there anything else that could be the problem?
  3. SHey guys! I'm brand new to this so any help would be greatly appreciated. Ok so I learned about this from watching YouTube videos about "hacking" csr2. So I installed gg and parallel space, I couldn't get parallel space to work properly, the gg didn't pick up csr2 but when I downloaded virtual exposed it did. So cool I got everything I need to do what I wanted on csr2 so I went back to the YouTube tutorials on how to use gg with csr2. I followed every single step to get what I wanted but it still doesn't work. I've tried everything but I'm still failing. I know absolutely nothing about coding or anything like that so any help would be awesome. Thank you so much in advance
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