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  1. Try to hack Klondike and My cafe recipes and stories.
    It only works against AI(computers) U can't use it against real players
  2. Ik that, u don't get it.. I mean I want to search for a certian value and use the prompt list now how can I link the prompt list to the value I want to search so the results change.. e.g gg.prompt( {'Set the amount u want. '}, {[3]=0}, {[3]='number'}) Now how can I search for a value and change the value by the amount selected from the prompt list, that is what I meant by linking it If there is an example that would be awesome..
  3. I did and saw the examples, still couldn't figured it out to link it to the Prompt list such as Search a value and edit it. That's where im stuck
  4. Hey I could use some help in the Prompt list as I have no idea about linking it to a exact value so it can be changed as the amount I select. Same as the slider, an example would be useful.. Thanks in advance ♥
  5. SalahTobasi


    Hey Game link (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vizorapps.klondike) Is the game hackable? Coins, Emerald, energy, materials I tried everything some worked and some didn't work, most of them were visual so... I would love to know.
  6. Mmmm can u please update it?? To game latest version because it doesn't work and the game crash
  7. Okey figured it out gg.refineNumber('15')
  8. Hey Everytime I search for a group value and I want to refine a certain one it doesn't work While I script it, it Search a new value instead... This happened recently and I could use osme help. ex gg.searchNumber('15;10;15000', gg.TYPE_DWORD, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL,0,-1) gg.searchNumber('15') This used to refine the second Value but now it does Search for a new one
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