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  1. hack relics is not permanent. It will be invalid every time you restart the game.
  2. that mean i need backup the game first(maybe titanium ) , after i change monster use titanium restore game only to fix ?
  3. did anyone the same to me? I change monster code, e.g. 28 to 10305 Next time the open game will hold on Tap screen to start. But I touch no effect? keep on Tap screen to start this screen
  4. many thank renzo13 T_T
  5. have someone can share me a high lv android save T_T i don't want to replay all mission T_T many thank
  6. renzo13 and QZQ thank you for your share i lost my phone and buy a new one...need re play again your exp help me very much XD
  7. Use a Root Device and goto data/data/com.GameCoaster.DungeonMaker/shared_prefs\com.GameCoaster.DungeonMaker.v2.playerprefs.xml <---Open It and Edit search key word : battlespeed and edit the value : to 20 Save u can finish 1 game on 2 second
  8. haha I thank free skin mod is important than anything
  9. thank you renzo13 your 1.8.3 mod is perfected, is it mod by you? I download many version 1.8.3 mod both cannot save
  10. but where can u see the monster exp? it just shows the level up monster and I find the monster and king Skill can mod, but it needs many skill code, I need time to manage https://imgur.com/a/wKu1PIt Put Immortal One on King the King will never Die XD
  11. @renzo13 will u freeze the pt card ? when u find the result or just change the value
  12. yes i know i open a new game and battle after battle i have 55 exp and i search 44461 but no result
  13. @renzo13 Thank you again, but i don't know why i search 444461 will no result -.- and i search trial card eg 100;200;400 and research 200 ...no result -,- i am play store version 1.8.2 -.- but anyway thank you for your teaching, i thank it help so many ppl XD
  14. thank you for your Very detailed teaching, i know now many thank XD and can u teach me how to make Elizabeth lv 50000 in day 8
  15. thank you But what is earch group in game guardian for 3 card value example 100;75;300 <--- mean *****,*****,***** PT ?
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