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  1. Nazz2k4

    Diggys Adventure

    so after trying the above myself and messing around with a few values i can confirm like you that nothing works. Once again thank you very much for the attempt. This game must all be server sided. . Im not giving up hope though and hope someone else can still hack this game i will happily give a donation as i have previously stated. Kind regards.
  2. Nazz2k4

    Diggys Adventure

    I appreciate your attempt at doing this for me. I wi try and understand your post as its in broken English but once again thank you very much for the opportunity to try. I will go away and test to see if I can reproduce what you did.
  3. Hi all. I have long been looking for a cheat for this game since they banned me years ago (when i hadnt even considered cheating) so im long wanting to get my vengeance on this company. Over the years however, it just seems impossible. Link To Google Play Im after any kind of hack really or a guide on how to hack it. So infinite energy, gems etc. Thanks to all who figure this out. Im even willing to donate (a reasonable amount of money obviously) for someone who does this hack.
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