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  1. it does not work anymore like that
  2. anyone know how gold or gems are done now?
  3. how do you search for a specific range? I've been trying to do that but with no luck.
  4. You still do that, just do -# for the value... So like if you spent 20, do -20 (you will need to pick the - from the keypad--it won't react from you typing it).
  5. Went to the creature area. Searched for the book number Dword. Then when books were added or spent, used the d? to adjust appropriately and it would narrow it down. Then adjusted the one that came up and then the one that was 4th down (so first one to adjust, x, x, x, then the other one to adjust) same way as changing currencies.
  6. I managed to get it all to work, thank you all for your help. For anyone who wants a little easier time with doing it and maybe don't want to do an unknown d word search as it can sometimes take a while, the experience is a total of all experience that far (so like hypothetically, if a friend is at level 4, it'd be the experience they needed to get to level 2, to level 3, and to level 4 plus however far they are to level 5) and searching that number also brings it up. I also don't know if they changed something recently, but I was able to just change the book currencies while in the Magical Creature area the same way you'd change any currency. but does anyone know if it's possible to change the Zoology level/how to see how much experience you have?
  7. Mine is already in English but no results so I'll try doing it without commas I guess
  8. since you managed to get it done too with the friends, I managed to get a couple of friends done, but on others it doesn't find anything for some reason. any suggestions for when specifically to search for values each time? just so tired of playing the friend games at this point. aucassin So removing the commas worked? or did you need to change the language to proceed?
  9. how did you do the attribute and friend levels? been super curious to do that but haven't seen any info on it.
  10. I have tried to do the Dword notebooks search multiple times with the address, but every time it says nothing found... I think I have it on max search range so not sure what I'm doing wrong
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