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  1. @Yusuke, after i refined the range there're 20 results. It don't refines more no matter how much i feed the animals.
  2. Can someone help, I gon't get with what values refine magizoology xp search results.
  3. I need the amount xp from actions with the animals for N=O+D for zoology level, not animal love level.
  4. @popineo1 how to determine what amount of xp you get after interacting with animals? someone posted (x1 food = 3xp, x2 = 7xp and x3 = 12xp) but it didn't work for me.
  5. Anyone can point me to where find how to edit energy?
  6. @miabi, you were able to add notebooks of all colors? first time you search the whole amount of your notebooks? and what is d?
  7. @miabi, you misunderstood me. I changed the language to english because gg wouldn't let me search for a value with a commas. I still don't have any results when I search for 1,920,234,561;1,953,849,961;1,702,129,518;1,802,465,122;76B;49B;5;5;1,701,539,668::121 value. Can you make step by step instruction of your method?
  8. Yeah, I just set the language to english.
  9. Ok, the solution to the error was to change the language. But new problem arises. When I'm looking for this value gg finds nothing. I selected all memory ranges, still nothing.
  10. Please, anyone have ideas why gg won't let me search for 1,920,234,561;1,953,849,961;1,702,129,518;1,802,465,122;76B;49B;5;5;1,701,539,668::121 value? Every time i try, i get 'wrong value' error.
  11. When I'm trying to search for the values from the tutorial I get the error 'wrong value'. The numbers are the same as in the video
  12. @NoFear, I hate to be a nuisance but I'm out of my depth. I honestly tried to sort out your insructions on how to add notebooks but failed miserably. If you have time, maybe you could repeat them but for a complete newbies in gg? please, i'm desperate.
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