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  1. Even if you were able to, it won't matter. It's tracked by the server, and won't allow you to use anymore than you have currently. Even the challenges seemed to be tracked by the server as well. When my internet was failing, it didn't recognize that I finished one, but got the rewards anyways, and was able to attempt to redeem it again. Up trying to do that, it told me it no longer exists. Not sure what more can be done with it.
  2. Yeah, about the challenges, I've seen a few games do that. Not sure how tied they are to the server, but just about everything is other than coins I've messed with so far. Only things I've yet to mess with it, are character values, rank of them, and mats for leveling the warbooks, but I'm sure they will act just the same as slug level mats. Everything else either throws errors, or tell you that you have insufficient amount of that item. I even tried it with items in your mail, like the extra tickets, and even the counter for using multiple items. No luck their either, at least for me. Will be interesting to see that video when ever you're done. I need to get back to messing with it again sometime myself.
  3. OH! I had to re-read that. I managed to get hard currency messed with (if you're referring to coins, diamonds, and medals), but server seems to know what you had, same with slug mats, but you can be pretty clever with slug mats. Especially now since updates allow you to finish things you've done now without playing them. Example: Mod mats, fully level your slugs, the game will throw errors, and the slugs levels won't save upon a reboot and they will revert back, and any mats used you had even after modding won't be gone (which isn't an issue), Plow through Slug Camp and all the mats earned from that WILL save! Rinse and repeat until you cannot advance anymore in Slug Camp, and you can just finish the stages from camp without ever needing to mod your mats to Max slugs to help as of the newer update, and makes the most out of your tickets. All my luck with hard currency, the coins I was only able to get, and I had to get the game to soft lock by either destroying their portal, or mine be destroyed after setting value to 0.1 or so (makes it overflow, and is a negative value) and was able to buy things with the modded coins without it throwing server errors. It's easy to get out of soft lock too granted you're not at your highest wave. Just use one of your slugs warps after zeroing out the value for coins. If it throws errors, while messing with coins, it refuses to save anything at all from that point on until a reboot. I haven't been able to get much else to work as the game knows that there isn't enough of that said currency/item, and usually causes everything, or certain things not to save, or reverts the value back to normal like levels gained from using medals. Surprising you were able to mess with waves. Another user told me they tried, and now they can't even play the game anymore. I'll have to mess with this myself on another account and see how it goes.
  4. I think I start to understand how the values work after messing with the Slug mats. Makes me wonder what you're doing differently. The game loves to revert nearly everything I've done to it so far. Might have to do with me breaking the values pretty badly. I haven't tried messing with character level, but one thing I did want to mess with was the character values for increasing their rank, or figure out some way just to mess with their rank. I tried messing with medals with absolutely no luck. Got me intrigued, and kinda stopped messing with it for a bit. Also, long time no see NoFear!!! We met a long time ago in the Fire Emblem Hero's Discord when we messed with that.
  5. I've gotten a couple of things to mostly work (as you will see from pic below with coins), but seems there are some sort of server checks in place. Gems are totally out of the question since they're server sided, unless there was some way around it I'm not thinking of. The game also likes to change addresses of things if you find them every time the game is booted. I've also had to get the game to sort of soft lock to prevent errors from appearing as that prevents sync with servers for saves. Even then, you can buy things with the coins, or Slug upgrade mats, but it still uses them (The ones not modded afterwards like the server knows the values), and I've yet to find a way to get the Slugs to stay at the level using the modded mats. Everything either resets, or goes to the intended value afterwards, except for the coins for me. Values are weird, and I'm not exactly understanding them, and only been able to get results doing searches for, Fuzzy Double. Slight changes in the values cause astronomical increases as you'll see from from the pic. I'm using Nox to run GG as I don't exactly have a rooted device with a custom ROM, and even then, the custom ROM's for my device are horrid. Saves are tied to servers, so you can run the game with the same data in different devices easily if needed. I don't see anyone discussing about modding this game anywhere sadly, and hope this is welcome here!
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