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  1. I couldn't understand anything to be honest, I've only been able to use the speedhack (hey at least i made something work...) uuh to be honest i don't really mind not being able to hack soul tokens , the dmg tokens or the souls ect. I just want to be able to hack gems but you got them through abusing daily login ? just would like to know how.. because every ??? i get a prompt to give me daily rewards. it doesn't account for 24hrs at all soo i guessed that i could tweak how much time it took correct me if i'm wrong.. but i have NO CLUE on how to do it. first time i try to do anything related to cheating or whatever. well i tried back then but i only cared aobut speedhack and it wouldn't work on the games i wanted it to work on. anyways thanks if you respond that would be really appreciated even if i can't do anything in the end. been at it since yesterday and i can't figure out anything. i found values like gem or even items but they appear in double and modifiying them how i please doesn't do anything even if i lock the value or whatever. tried negative like you said. doesn't modify anything.. oh.. do i have to shut down my internet connection while doing this ? (i'm usign bluestack) rooted and SU with game guardian. hope i said everything that mattered.
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