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  1. so the item you drop is "bugged" and technically has a negative value. it won't join the larger stack either. it can be used to do an additional qword search as that one item has two values. negative and 1 in order to find it. As long as you didn't start large, you should be fine to keep splitting it. the other items were "vanishing" when I picked them up as it was being added to the negative value of that first dropped item. it's still a bit weird but usable. Food doesn't seem to have this problem at least or can eat the negative-valued item
  2. apk4fun has it if anyone wants to play with it. I noticed if you make a stack > 100 it acts... weird. I had 101 sticks but couldn't use them. when I dropped them and picked them up they turned to ghosts except for the original 2 sticks, for instance. https://www.apk4fun.com/apk/714068
  3. Does anyone have a really old apk? apkpure stops at 1.0.73 from ~october 2020 which still has the protection enabled. I think someone mentioned they use 1.0.26 successfully.
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