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    FarmVille CE Help

    Thanks for the info about XP sounds like what I do now. It’s just harder to do that on a higher level game since the required XP is larger. For the barn storage here is an example of what I am looking to do.
  2. fvgamerz

    FarmVille CE Help

    First time posting so sorry if this is in the wrong place. I am pretty familiar with GG and can do almost everything with it in these game but having trouble in the FarmVille CE and TE games with XP and making storage unlimited. I can change XP at the beginning of a game by searching the level by the time I get to 4 I can input what ever level I want. But can’t find XP to do this in higher level games. I can not seem to change barn starage in CE. I don’t know how to find this value. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve searched these videos here for weeks and can not seem to find anything that helps with this
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