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  1. @Enyby I just noticed that my SELinux is set to enforcing... Is that why GG isn't working possibly? If so what's the best way to set SELinux to permissive?
  2. Also, if there's a antivirus embedded in my firmware why are other root apps working just fine? Lucky Patcher works just fine with root permissions, I even made Lucky Patcher uninstall a system app and I had it install a new system app, and it worked just fine. How would this have been done if Lucky Patcher is considered a virus if I have a antivirus embedded in my firmware.
  3. How could I fix this? My Device model is SM-T380
  4. I just rooted my Device with Magisk v18.1 then I installed GameGuardian and it's not working... GameGuardian says "Failed to load daemon". I have root access properly installed and I gave GameGuardian SuperUser rights (root permissions) but it still gives me this error no matter what I do: "Failed to load daemon". Android Version: 8.1 GG_logcat_r73.9_14086_8.1.0_27.log
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