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  1. @ByMetinI got an error when enabling the script "Failed Searching ESP, it will be disabled". Any workaround? Thanks
  2. Hi @ByMetin I'm still running slowly, even the speedhack its not working for me, apart from this everything working fine.
  3. Thanks I figuered out a few days ago . I think this script is the best so far, simple and effective @ByMetin
  4. Great work @ByMetin !! Although when I activate rapid fire I run slowly, is that normal?
  5. When Rapid Fire is activated I run slowly, is that normal?
  6. Is there an update for version 5.2.3?
  7. Hello guys, I can't get the script to work in Bluestacks, can anyone help please??????
  8. Joelsky

    Failed Search..

    Hi I have the same error, seems to be a problem within game guardian any one figured out the solution?
  9. Hello please someone help me, whenever I try to execute any script in Guns of Boom using Game Guardian I receive the error message "Oops, An Error Occured ! Failed Searching *****, it will be disabled". I already tried many different scripts, tried different versions of GameGuardian, still no luck. I'm using Bluestacks version 3N. Thanks!!
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