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  1. If your friend got banned there is nothing any of us can do to help. They'll either have to start over and be more careful or convince jam city to unban them.
  2. That happened to me too. You have to search again, try closing and restarting the game. Also, I found that being by the Great Hall (on lower floors west) helped to find the value more often.
  3. You don't need to know the coins to change the gems or anything else. On page 20 of this thread, NoFear, gives instructions on how to find and change everything (gems, xp, coins, etc).
  4. What's stopping you from changing the gems value now? If all you did was the coins then you can still change other values. They don't have to be changed all at the same time.
  5. That happened to me before. I just exited out of the game and then restarted and tried the process again and eventually it found the value. I found that if you are by the Great Hall it seems to find the value on the first try, for me at least.
  6. As I've posted before, tutorial and video by NoFear on Page 20....
  7. There is a tutorial with video by NoFear back on page 20. But, level 49 is the max level for right now, so not sure what you hope to change......
  8. Again, it worked for me without moving locations, just gaining the points and refining was all I did.. As for xp hack that works, did you search this thread? Nofear has a post with instructions and video on how to do XP as well as coins, gems and notebooks....
  9. It works fine for me, did it for mine and the wife's with no problems
  10. These videos posted previously should help you
  11. For anyone wondering, the amount of magizoology XP you get is the same as the creature XP you get. So if you feed your creature and get 30 diamonds or creature XP, you will get 30 magizoology XP. That should help anyone trying to find their magizoology XP as you can use that in 'N=O+D' to refine to actual value.
  12. For me it had about the same, I just started going through the results and started changing them to see which would correspond to the magizoology level. For me it was the second or third result. As soon as you find the right one, it'll show when you click on your characters picture to bring up that screen with your level, attributes, etc.
  13. On my wife's account I searched first for a broad range of 3000-4000 cause I want sure how magizoology exp there was. Then I fed and bonded with creatures and after I did every one of those interactions I chose the search option with the question mark and chose increased. After two creatures that refined it enough to find and modify. That example is if you are level 3 in magizoology
  14. Does anyone have a method of finding/changing magizoology level IF I've had already maxed all the creatures that are available? I'm currently level 3 in magizoology and mistakenly maxed all the available creatures so now I'm stuck at level 3 and can't figure out how to find and change my magizoology level. I can't get any new creatures because of being stuck at level 3. Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.
  15. How did you max the magizoology level? For house pride event I just searched for amount of points you currently have then refine to new ones accumulated. Change it like everything else, the initial dword and then the 4th one after to be the same dword and x8. I only upped mine by 500 cause I didn't want to do too much and chance getting caught since those are seen by other players.
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