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  1. Got it to work. The guide I used failed to mention having to edit the XOR value as well.
  2. Is there a currently working xp hack? The fuzzy search method no longer seems to work. [added 1 minute later] @YusukeApparently it doesn't work if you don't move locations between gaining points. If you do a search for your current points, gain some more, don't change location and refine the search with your new point total, one of the necessary values won't show up for some reason.
  3. The simple search method of value replacement doesn't seem to work for Full Marks anymore. Anyone know what to do now?
  4. Anyone have the values needed to edit notebooks? I need more brown ones for the crup and the sbenny thread seems to have been deleted (months ago) and the video is no longer available.
  5. So there's currently a special offer on which includes an exclusive cat skin. Is there any way to get the skin without paying real money?
  6. Thank you. Found it. Will try it out later.
  7. Nvm. I figured out how to do this. Thanks for the guide, it worked like a charm. Anyone been able to figure out how to edit the books yet?
  8. Does this method still work for hacking gems? And if so, can someone write out step-by-step instructions? Because the video is very fast and pretty fuzzy when it comes to the gem hacking section. I can't make heads or tails of it.
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