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  1. So pointers in GG doesn't work like CE or you can't find them normally as in CE? I'm afraid I still don't understand. I've seen the tutorial videos but they actually don't help a noob. I think maybe dev should instead give a proper example with a some random simple game and using GG on it to find pointers for it. Or someone else who knows about this stuff.
  2. You mean reverse engineering the library file inside the apk?
  3. I want to know the same too, have used cheat engine for years and game guardian for more than 3 years but normally for windows using cheat engine someone would have made a cheat table and that would have been enough. I never had to get into the pointers over it. It's the same with game guardian I never ran into a game where I'd really need a use for pointers, until now. Playing a stealth game République, and the resources are too scarce on it so need a way to find the pointers. It's one thing if it's something we can't really understand but a simple guide for Android which someone who can use a little bit of their brains would have been useful rather than for us to just look in unnecessary places where we might not even find the necessary help. Devs, come on is that what the forum is about? A forum for so called "professionals" since I heard that was one of the reason having a discord server was given a red flag.
  4. BUMP!!! Anyone? It's been 3 days already some solution would be helpful ahaha, I guess.
  5. I am playing this game République on my phone, and I can find the variables that change my stuff searching for them. I can change and freeze them and it all works. What I have trouble with is looking for the pointers for these saved variables. I saw the video posted by enby and I couldn't understand much from it. The problem is when the game starts from a save when you get caught the variables changes and thus is quite frustrating when at some point you get caught. Also there are some stuff I can't find through the search since I can't find enough of them to search. Like the screwdriver. And the batteries got changed back to 2 after it loaded a save game unlike the save tapes. Can someone explain how pointers work so I can work through them and get a list which will work every time without making me go through the searching for the variables again and again? Edit: So I looked around with how to work on pointers and the first thing that came was to check if the game is Java based or C language based. The Java heap utilizes the maximum memory like about 1 gigs and the other just a little bit about 10 to 20 mb the C++ heap being 0. I guess it's impossible to find pointer for this game then?
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