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  2. happens when you activate option 4 "hide game guardian" e/or the memory is read-only (r) and not read-write (rw) however, in some games, the modification in values to cheat change to Cd data app instead of Xa code app this is not an absolute truth as it varies from application to application, it is what I observe in some games, mainly based on unity engine.
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  4. When i tried to edit value in code app (xa), it won't to edit. It still like a original value. Do you know why?
  5. Can someone explain to me why i cant edit the value in Xa memory? The value still not change....although i freeze them....it cant change But i can still edit in Ca,Anonym,and Bad I used Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x Snap625
  6. me too. I don't understand. Please someone help explain what's the use of the car ids. Reading the threads but don't know how they are used. any tutorial on this car id hack please
  7. ItsSC

    Archero Script

    Your data got wiped by dev.
  8. gordon212

    Archero Script

    "Account has been changed" its that mean i got bann?
  9. Recommend a good and easy app to write quotes or text on images. I am using this app "Urdu on Photos" , it is working very good but i want to try some more
  10. ItsSC

    Archero Script

    They patched it? I will try later. What you mean speedhack? Gold hack work perfectly right here.
  11. View File FF Script v4 Extra Damage 95% & More Mega Mod Script FF Watch Video Submitter ChanHax Submitted 06/17/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  12. for it did not get a ban for cheating items?
  13. Version 1.0.4


    Mega Mod Script FF Watch Video
  14. haha I thank free skin mod is important than anything
  15. View File Hopeless Land (WallHack) WALL HACK & FLY HACK & MORE Submitter ChanHax Submitted 06/17/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  16. Hello, installed parallel space, tomimoto that is on every step, so when you run two applications including the GG starts to blunt, hangs.
  17. Version 1.0


  18. How can i fix it or how can work ? [added 1 minute later] How can i fix it or how can work ?
  19. It won't even let me watch video
  20. Got it to work once in classic mode. (In parallel space app) Not so easy to do if at all, still works in customs ntl
  21. This application is too complicated for you. I can not help you.
  22. Hello is someone capable of making a lua script or a hack for this game. Using GG is quite hard and have not been able to change any values. Looking for a gem, and soul gain related hack. Pm me if you don't feel comfortable sharing in public. Thank you.
  23. View File FF Script Unlimited Ammo don't forget to give a rating 5 Submitter ChanHax Submitted 06/17/2019 Category Free Fire  
  24. Read the help about the floating icon. Either a lack of memory, or a killer of processes, or "optimization" in the firmware.
  25. I'm enable settings floating icon but start app close
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