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  2. No any help for GG mod. Its is prohibited here.
  3. It is not my video. I only repost it. In description you can see credits of author. I do not have any file. [added 2 minutes later] Source: https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=375352&view=findpost&p=72033784 https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=375352&view=findpost&p=70520093 Look like file is easy and you must create it yourself.
  4. Today
  5. Sadly I read everything I turnes the pop up window still doesn't work I have galaxy s10 + I tried installing earlier versions still won't work. On virtual Xposed. As you can see on the video Game guardian won't pop up the window Even after I accepeted ever persimison...... screenrecorder.20190717232650.mp4
  6. the youtube rules aff, great day for you
  7. Im had make the hacking channel before but all my video had deleted i now just go to help others with all the thing i knew ^^ had a great day
  8. Hlw sir.... Now google account doesn't work in current version...... Plzz do something......its 3 days now...plz sir help...T [added 1 minute later] Google account not working.....plz help
  9. Soul hack is ez you just need to upgrade and find dword then when only 1 value edit it -99999999 and there we go a ton of soul ^^
  10. It a real number not revert dude , Dont go through 2 billion it will back to zero it [added 0 minutes later] First you need to go shop , then you see the value 500 and 5000 of the chest , group find 500;5000 with ordered on , (you must enough the skull to press the buy button 500) and you edit it to -999999999 and buy it and enjoy , don't press through 2 billion it will comeback to zero
  11. ok i will try thanks, is value fixed or will revert when exit?
  12. Go through your process, that would be splendid!
  13. lol i mean how, not prove image, ok but helps
  14. [added 1 minute later] I just hack skull only not gold skull yet
  15. ok bro you can try but i not know if he will see the pm, i thinkif he see this topic and know he will help
  16. I just findout how to hack it do you wanna me to show you guys?
  17. sorry not my hack and im not the person of the video, the person is Enyby , but i not know if he have or not the file
  18. OK, thanks. Will you add the file, or is this not your hack?
  19. Isn't GameGuardian only used to speed up/slow down the game? You are also using a HiroMacro script (not provided here) to apply the hack or am I misunderstanding something.
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